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local talent

Does anyone know any famous folks who live, or have lived (sorta recently) in Petersham? We’re trying to hook up for the ABC to come out to the ‘sham and do a broadcast from the bowling club:

Basically, what happens is, this DJ called James O’Loghlin comes out to “your living room, your community centre, your social club” etc, and runs a whole three hour show from there. You provide “local talent”, musical acts, activities, games, etc.

Do get in touch and I’ll pass on your info to Jo and Roberta, who are putting together the Petersham Pitch.

Exclusive Gig! The Triangles play ‘sham-side!

the triangles wedding
photo from the Triangles website, showing Robert and Katherine’s wedding…

A very exciting email came thru from Vanessa. I didn’t realise she lived in the ‘sham. More on her intricate and obsessive world later. In the meantime, here’s an ad for The Triangles (“energetic stage antics and a lot of yelling”) and Caxton (“piano driven post-punk”) – playing live in “Darren’s backyard” on Saturday afternoon!

Rock you there – it’ll be ‘sham massive!

[The following excerpt is from an email Vanessa received about the gig, from someone called “Al”.]

Here are the details for the show we are having in Darren’s backyard:
Saturday 29th April (next Sat arvo)
Starts 3pm
Address is 2 Fredereich St Petersham (right near Petersham station)
$5 entry

If people want to check out either of the bands they are at
Bring people! It’s going to be such a great afternoon.

saturday night moroccan

big bowl moroccan dinner!
This charming poster was made by a talented artist at the bowling club. I’ll be going for sure! Lemme know if you want to join me! Perhaps this is a chance for me to meet some of you local comment-posters in the flesh…

book your table now
Saturday 29th APRIL 2006
$20 for 3 Courses $10 for kids
Mezzes platter
Tagine with sweet couscous (vegetarian course available)
Moroccan Pastries and dessert platter
two sittings: 6pm and 8pm

Book at the big bowl or ring
0434813926 by 28th April

jelly wrestling wed night!

jelly wrestling funThis Wednesday night is Jelly Wrestlin’ night at the famous Oxford Tavern. The action starts at 9pm. We will be there. Feel free to come along! If you like, join Jim and Shimada and me* at the Portuguese Tapas Bar on Audley St for some “throwdowns”** and a snack, from 7pm, before the Jelly slinging begins! Send me an email if you need further info…

*grammatical correction [thanks to camperdowner. Previously, this sentence read “…join Jim and Shimada and I…” Essentially, what I mean to say here is “join us for a drink” therefore the pronoun should be “me” not “I” (I wouldn’t say “join I for a drink”, would I?!)

**”throwdowns” – the small bottles of beer they serve at the tapas bar and gloria’s. It’s good, cos they stay cold.

art comes to the ‘sham

[this is an ad. It is designed to throw you off the scent while I delay posting my latest blog entry. Most likely it won’t work. Hang in there, there’s a big update coming up… Needless to say, I will be down at Maundrell this Sunday, with my reporter’s hat and notepad at the ready. Hope to see you there!]

Art in the Park Autumn 2006

Marrickville Council invites you to:

ART IN THE PARK – A biannual exhibition of work by local sculptors

Sunday 23rd April 11-4 pm. Official Opening 12pm

Maundrell Park outdoor gallery facility is built on the former Petersham Council nursery site. This corner of Maundrell Park previously contained seed beds, a hothouse, ferneries and fishponds. The nursery gates and remnants of walls in the gardens have been retained in the redevelopment of the park and turned into an outdoor gallery space.

Sculptors confirmed for the exhibition are Szilvia Gyorgy, Rodney Nash, Phillip Barnes, Greame Endean, Stephen Ralph, Sam Wittingham, Bernard Appassamy, Caz Hazwell, Nick Strike, Daniel Simon and Kelly Leonard.

Sculpture lovers and interested onlookers alike are urged to bring a picnic and join family and friends for Art in the Park, from11am to 4pm.

Maundrell Park is located on the corner of Stanmore Road and Hopetoun Street, Petersham.

For further information, contact 9335 2233.