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Does anyone know any famous folks who live, or have lived (sorta recently) in Petersham? We’re trying to hook up for the ABC to come out to the ‘sham and do a broadcast from the bowling club:

Basically, what happens is, this DJ called James O’Loghlin comes out to “your living room, your community centre, your social club” etc, and runs a whole three hour show from there. You provide “local talent”, musical acts, activities, games, etc.

Do get in touch and I’ll pass on your info to Jo and Roberta, who are putting together the Petersham Pitch.

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  1. shortleftleg Post author

    anonymous – the idea behind the pitch is to re-invigorate the bowling club. arguably, the roller-rink needs re-invigoration even more, but that’s another battle altogether…

    vanessa – is darren the same darren of darren’s backyard?


    there’s been a tip off that famous author Gabrielle Carey (she wrote puberty blues together with Kathy Lette) is a ‘sham local… gabrielle, are you out there?!

  2. Vanessa

    Yes, the same Darren. I had Gabrielle Carey as a teacher a few years ago. I shall see if I can find her contact details amongst my avalanche of papers.

  3. lisa

    ‘veteran film and TV producer Penny Chapman’ lives & works out of that ivy-covered warehouse you admired…

  4. mayhem

    Gabrielle’s brother lives down the road from me so if you have no luck – then let me know.

    Whe’s the next bowling do? I’m hanging to get in uniform



  5. Roberta

    Great news. We have been shortlisted for James’ show, and will find out on Wednesday or Thursday. So, any suggestions, or ideas warmly welcome!
    Thanks Lucas for your help!

  6. Mick

    In an earlier posting you linked to Fort Street High School and i noticed they list past pupils gone famous. or sorta famous. Like Michael Kirby, Donald McDonald (not that ya want him), Mary Kostakidis the ABC newsreader… ok, it’s not a great list, but maybe something interesting could come of it.

  7. Georgia

    My dad used to live next door to Gabrielle, in Petersham, she’s very recently moved out of the ‘Sham.

    And Mick, Mary Kostakidis reads the SBS World News, not ABC news.

  8. shortleftleg Post author

    Exactly, Mike.
    Nah you don’t have to be famous to be on the radio show! We were just wondering if there were any big names out there. Interestingly, it seems that the ‘sham is a bit deficient on high profile celebs. But there’s no shortage of ordinary extraordinaries! (I look forward to visiting you soon, too, Mike!)


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