Richard Blackie Funeral

Following up on the article about Richard Blackie, the fellow who ran the vintage toy store in Petersham, there WILL be a proper funeral, next week.

Thanks to Hope10, who left this comment at my flickr photo site:

For people that have shown interest. A funeral has been organised. Please check the Saturday Daily Telegraph page 79 for the details.

As we know there was only one person that graced our lives in the way of
Richard Blackie
For some reason he never had the time to farewell the people in his life that did care.

For those that did care please take the time to farewell him one last time at a funeral service

Rookwood Crematorium

Date: Friday 8th September 2006
Time: 2:00 pm

3 thoughts on “Richard Blackie Funeral

  1. The Funeral of Richard Blackie

    Richard Blackie’s Funeral was attended by apx 25 people in a small Chapel in Rookwood Cemetery.

    We circled the perimeter and advanced through the entry at the required 400kph, feeling strangely fast as we passed Remembrance Lawns graveyards, chapels and churches, mosques and temples, memories smoke Stacks and Gardeners Raking Leaves .

    During the Ceremony People talked about his Little Big Toy Shop, a Tardis of Collectables and Memories and how Richard captivated them with his toy magic.

  2. Matt Peasley

    Was travelling back towards work HQ yesterday (03/02/14) when I stopped for a breather (cig) by chance outside a blue shop front which by having lived in the inner west area for 12 years have passed innumerable times. Something caught my attention beyond the sad exterior and smashed glass, still held together no doubt, by the same sticker applied shortly after its demise. Toys! Such a contradiction to the apparent state of the place.. Was inspired to investigate the past and present of this shrine and have found my reading to control all of my thoughts way beyond my own current life experiences at this point. Truly wish I met Richard and had discovered this amazing place 9 years sooner.


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