what to do?

specific events to attend:

here’s a scratchy off-the-top-of-my-head list of my dreams for bilateral petersham…[any suggestions?]

  • get inside the old roller rink to take some photos / have a one night only skate / film night [done! see this blog entry]
  • hold a pagan ritual under the old water tower
  • be shaved at “the locals” barber shop
  • take the job advertised for a barista at the palace pantry [update: I’ve decided against this one. What was I thinking? Get a job???]
  • work down at the op shop
  • host a garage sale
  • get invited to dinner by neighbours [good news! an invitation has been extended by tully!]
  • invite the neighbours to dinner
  • get a special petersham t-shirt made up (there’s some company that does ’em… ) [done! see me wearing it here, or go order one yourself here]
  • meet the mayor himself (and maybe go on a bike ride together) [done! read the report here.]
  • go visit the historical archives in the council
  • go watch the jelly wrestling at the oxford tavern [done! see the report here.]
  • play tennis at the school courts
  • eat a fancy dinner at “Manna”
  • read chapter “having an experience,” from John Dewey’s book “Art as Experience”
  • drink throwdowns with the swarthy Portuguese men outside Gloria’s
  • find out why this area has become the Portuguese hub of Sydney
  • have a look at the Egyptian Room at the local Masonic Temple
  • organise the north versus south bowling tournament at the bowlo
  • go for a short holiday within the ‘sham…stay overnight at a pub on the north side.

videos to watch:

  • the truman show
  • kitchen stories (some sorta scandinavian observation of ordinary behaviour idea)
  • crimes and misdemeanors, recommended by jasmin

here’s what I am booked in to do:

  • put together an exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery. [booked! It opens 27 May. Yes yes, I know, that gallery is in Camperdown. I don’t know why either…See a flyer for the show here.]

2 thoughts on “what to do?

  1. Ali

    hi Lucas,
    would you like to have a picnic lunch with me at Quinn park? you know the one just off Parramatta Rd near Norton St. when i went to Fort Street high, everyone used to go there to smoke dope.
    I work on Norton street and have an hour off for lunch. I could bring supplies over from Leichhardt.

  2. shortleftleg Post author

    sounds great, ali!
    perhaps…wednesday or friday? i think i know the park, there are big rocks in there?


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