the ‘sham FAQs

[This section is always in progress. Please send your questions in … you can put a comment at the bottom of any blog posting, or email shortleftleg[at]yahoo[dot]com and I’ll attempt to tackle ’em.]

What is Bilateral Petersham?

It’s an art project. For two months (April/May 2006) I will be undertaking an artist-in-residence in Petersham, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Don’t you already live in Petersham? You mean you’re doing an artist-in-residence in your own suburb?

Yep. I’ve lived here for nearly two years. I wanted to be artist-in-residence in my own place, rather than going away somewhere exotic.

Is it true you won’t leave Petersham for the whole two months?

Yeah that’s right. I am restricting myself to stay within the suburb boundaries (as drawn up by Marrickville Council).

Hey Lucas, I’m having a party/screening/exhibition/wedding…but it’s in Surry Hills/Newtown/Vaucluse/Stanmore. Can’t you make an exception just this once?

Nope. Sorry.

Can I come and visit you?

Sure thing!

Where exactly are the borders of Petersham?

I will post up a map online soon so you can see. I’m in the process of walking the border too, and I’ll put up a link to photos of borderline features…

O—K. Umm, so tell me again…WHY are you doing this?

For the moment, the best “project rationale” is here. I’ll add more info when I can…

Hey, I know something/someone amazing about/in Petersham. How can I let you know about it?

I would LOVE to hear from you. Email me on shortleftleg[at] or leave a comment in the blog. Better still, get in touch and we’ll meet up and talk about it / visit it / eat it.

Is someone funding you to stay at home for two months? How can I get in on that??

Yep, Marrickville Council is funding it with their artist grants. Cool eh? You can get info about applying here – but it’s only for artists who live within the Marrickville Council, and it looks like the next round is due on 26 May 2006.

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