jelly wrestling wed night!

jelly wrestling funThis Wednesday night is Jelly Wrestlin’ night at the famous Oxford Tavern. The action starts at 9pm. We will be there. Feel free to come along! If you like, join Jim and Shimada and me* at the Portuguese Tapas Bar on Audley St for some “throwdowns”** and a snack, from 7pm, before the Jelly slinging begins! Send me an email if you need further info…

*grammatical correction [thanks to camperdowner. Previously, this sentence read “…join Jim and Shimada and I…” Essentially, what I mean to say here is “join us for a drink” therefore the pronoun should be “me” not “I” (I wouldn’t say “join I for a drink”, would I?!)

**”throwdowns” – the small bottles of beer they serve at the tapas bar and gloria’s. It’s good, cos they stay cold.

2 thoughts on “jelly wrestling wed night!

  1. David

    Hey Lucas

    Having a great time reading the blog, a very cool project you have going on. I’m just finishing up five years as director of Wollongong’s short film festival, Short Sited (, and I’ve always tried to encourage people to make films about their local surroundings, someone interesting in their neighbourhood, a band, an artist, a political issue, that kind of thing, but it has always been hard work, although occasionally someone will get out there and do it (jelly wrestling does seem to be missing in Wollongong, but maybe I haven’t looked properly or it just hasn’t been caught on tape yet).

    So it has been great to read about you getting out in to your neighbourhood and finding out more about it … I have a friend who lived in Petersham in the late 90s (Westbourne Street, I think, in a pink building that had some kind of commercial laundry downstairs), but whenever I visited her, we always spent time in Leichhardt, so I never really got to see the ‘sham.

    I once sent a piece of writing to a friend of mine about an experience I had, when I got a big smile from a complete stranger in a 7-11 style shop, which made me think that I knew her … until I realised that she was just being friendly. My friend sent me a message back saying that she loves those moments – seeing a stranger on a bus or train or on the street, maybe making eye contact or seeing them more than once, and wondering what it would be like to be their friend or lover, or just knowing them. And it seems like you’re finding out who all these people are.

    And as someone who work at the uni here providing support to Arts postgrad students, I have to say it would be great to have someone doing something like your project down here. :)

    Looking forward to reading more.


  2. Camperdowner

    Now I’m doing this because you said you wanted us
    to pick you up on spelling errors and the like. The first is a “and the
    like”, ie a grammatical one. Very simple to make and you’re certainly
    not the first in history to make it, oh no, not by a long shot.
    It appears under the jelly wrestling photo.
    “…If you like, join Jim and Shimada and I at the Portuguese Tapas
    Yes, it’s the use of that wicked personal pronoun. In the case above,
    you’ll notice, now that you have a clear head, that “I” is in fact one
    of the objects of this sentence which means it needs to be “me”.

    Second instance is indeed a spelling error. Again, completely
    understandable, given it’s one of those horrid French words that we’ve
    taken unto our collective linguistic bosom. And the word is bureaucracy
    (not beaurocracy as you have it in the Vince story). When I was in
    Paris I completely understood why this word was so quintessentially
    French. It is their national pastime after all. Oh dear, just noticed
    another error on my way through to find the last: alliegences should be

    Now that the spelling spanking’s been done, we feel so much better
    don’t we?


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