Exclusive Gig! The Triangles play ‘sham-side!

the triangles wedding
photo from the Triangles website, showing Robert and Katherine’s wedding…

A very exciting email came thru from Vanessa. I didn’t realise she lived in the ‘sham. More on her intricate and obsessive world later. In the meantime, here’s an ad for The Triangles (“energetic stage antics and a lot of yelling”) and Caxton (“piano driven post-punk”) – playing live in “Darren’s backyard” on Saturday afternoon!

Rock you there – it’ll be ‘sham massive!

[The following excerpt is from an email Vanessa received about the gig, from someone called “Al”.]

Here are the details for the show we are having in Darren’s backyard:
Saturday 29th April (next Sat arvo)
Starts 3pm
Address is 2 Fredereich St Petersham (right near Petersham station)
$5 entry

If people want to check out either of the bands they are at
Bring people! It’s going to be such a great afternoon.

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