4 thoughts on “Ironite Mystery

  1. Vanessa

    Like “Eternity”, but someone has a metal stamp made up and presses it into wet concrete. In the 50s, when science was fun and nuclear power was your friend.

  2. John

    Could it be as simple as the company who constructed the stairs,

    the workmanship of these things was a lot ‘different’in days gone by,


  3. Benedict

    Hi Lucas,

    I know the ‘sham project is officially over, but I’ve been meaning to ask you: did you find out what the story is with the crazy maroon castle-cum-housing-project on Livingstone Road? I wondered about it for years…


  4. shortleftleg Post author

    that place is amazing isn’t it! no, i didn’t find out. maybe an intrepid reader will inform. else i will do some homework. do you have a photo of it, benedict? t’would be nice to put online to show others. i’m in melbourne at the moment else I’d do it myself…


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