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it moved with stealth…

Believe it or not. Around this time last year, a UFO was sighted in the ‘sham:

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report
Name: Chris Flynn
Location: Petersham, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Date: Sunday, 10/04/05, 19.55hrs (Local)
Approach Direction: East
Departure Direction: West
Witness Direction: North
Date: Sunday, 10/04/05, 19.55hrs (Local)

I reclined on my garden bench to get a better look at the constellation of Orion, which lay directly above me, periodically using my binoculars to get a more detailed view. After a while I noticed what can only be described as a large shadow moving in a controlled fashion across the sky. It could only be seen as its contrasted very slightly with the not yet dark nightscape. I quickly raised my binoculars to check the ghostly image only to see a very dark (Black) boomerang or ‘V’ shaped object silhouetted against the evening sky. It moved with stealth and was completely silent. I found it impossible to gauge how big the craft was but the lights which were visible (only with binoculars) around its circumference gave me the instinctive feeling that I was looking at something significant […] This experience left me both excited and shaken.

And not only that! It seems that the other ‘shams attract these unidentified thingies too!

On Saturday, April 27, 1996, at approximately 6 p.m., a man standing on the eastern shore of the Quabbin Reservoir, just west of Petersham, Massachusetts, spotted three UFOs in the sky over the huge man-made lake.

“I saw them moving in a circular, sweeping sort of motion,” the man said. “They made no noise and produced only a brightening light that seemed to silhouette them against the sky.” At first “the UFOs appeared as lines in the sky,” he added, “but by their appearance I judged them to be flat or concave in shape. The area (of flight) was west of my position looking over the Quabbin. The objects were moving at what I would say was 30 miles per hour in a north-south rotation, switching directions in the air. I watched them for about five minutes until the objects zipped over the (Berkshire) hills to the west.”

I love these descriptions. Since it’s clearly impossible to show photographs, the UFO reports must rely on words alone. The verbatim accounts give an authentic, “eyewitness” feel to something entirely unsubstantial.