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There’s still time to book for the second tour of Parramatta Road 1976. Sat 3rd June, 11am. Book on 0423745736
Tour costs $2 and you get freebies.

For pictures of the first tour, which was a thundering success, look here.

[ps: slowlearner has put up some more great pix of the tour, here.]

[pps: you can download a PODCAST of Vanessa’s tour, here:
http://thesham.info/documents/vanessa/vanessa_berry_parramatta_road.mp3 [about 5 mb]

Whack it on yer i-pod thingy, head down to the corner of Petersham St and Parramatta Road, press play, and away you go: your very own self-guided tour! For extra value, print out this map]…

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