trophy up for grabs!

north south dish

Come one, come all, to the North-vs-South Bowling Match this Friday night at the Petersham Bowlo!

Vanessa (a seasoned op shopper) found this pearler of a dish, which she has donated to the cause.

All are welcome to bowl, you don’t need to be from Petersham. All you have to do is align yourself to “North” or “South”, depending on which end of the compass you feel represents you best. The triumphant side will carry off the Bowler’s Ten Commandments Dish!

This event is running concurrently with the dinner and slide show on Friday night. Kick off at six. Full details over here.

3 thoughts on “trophy up for grabs!

  1. MVC

    I dunno what all this is about cause you say your an artiste but your not doin no painting and from the looks of it all you do is do bowling but you gots a site claiming to represent petersham (or the ‘sham’ as you elloquwently putting it). Unfortunatelley for you the ‘sham’ is within MVC’s territory and none of us remember getting a requestt from you requestting permission to use the ‘sham’ as you’re playground. The crew is quite unhappie with all of this.

    When duz your fiascoe end? It best be soon cause our patients are running high. This is MVC’s territory and you are attempting to be artistic without permission. If your trying to represent, do it properly.

    2204 Represent & Acnowlege

    From: MVC

    P.S. Art is gay and for hippies

  2. shortleftleg Post author

    Hey there MVC
    Sorry if I’ve stepped on toes. Unintentional.

    Just nosing around the suburb I live in, I don’t claim to represent it any more than from my own experiences. You’re right, I don’t paint. The “art” is in the stories, I guess. The project finishes at the end of the month.

    Tell me more about MVC. I couldn’t work it out from your website. You want me to put a link over from my blog? Any other ways I can represent and acknowledge?

  3. MVC

    MVC (Marrick-Ville-Crew) are a small yet powrfull congglomerat of individules who live inside the boundries of MarrickVille municipal councils. Tjhis includes your ‘sham’ the other ‘sham’ lewisham stanmore and offcourse MarrickVille itself (2204) amongst the other subrubs. We formed around for years ago when me n some of the fellaz decided to make a crew (not gang).

    We pride ourselfs in being the no# 1 crew in the district and we have delt with many atempts to take our no#1 spot. We dont do nothing necessarilly bad and we respect our fello mv countrimen. Lets just say we run this place.

    Thank you for acnowlegeing cuz thats all we ask and we”ll let you carry on your experiments now.



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