not the safest

A huge rollerskating party, but not at the Majestic. It’s in a grand old abandoned building with a cavernous open space. The floor is tiled, like my bathroom, in grey and pink. However, you can’t skate on those tiles. From the surface rises a handmade wooden scaffold. This ricketty structure projects up into the room, maybe a hundred metres, where it’s topped with a layer of plywood. This is where the skating takes place.

But I’m not at the party. The party has happened at some time in the dream’s past. I only hear about it later from Sunny, and I couldn’t have gone anyway, because the building is outside the perimeters of the ‘sham. I wonder why all these people who keep sending me emails wanting to skate at the Majestic don’t just go to this scaffold-skate-place instead.

In the dream-present, my Petersham project is over. Nobody and I go and see the building. It’s heavily guarded by security guards, but Nobody walks right in without being noticed. I follow. Soon the wobbly ply platform is full of curious trespassers. It occurs to me, in the dream, that this is not the safest place to be rollerskating…

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