Monday morning, ten past ten

Rain starts to fall in heavy drops. The cats slink back inside, fur plastered down. I put aside my coffee and stand in the doorway, smiling benificently at my lettuce seedlings.

One thought on “Monday morning, ten past ten

  1. Worthless Half Brother

    Hi Luco, I just read this article this morning. It happned at Petersham RSL.,10117,19138568-13762,00.html

    Rug runner takes Bert’s wig
    From Sydney Confidential

    May 15, 2006

    WOULD the bald man who walked out of Petersham RSL yesterday afternoon wearing Bert Newton’s hairpiece please return it immediately?

    An unknown, follicularly challenged man was handed the famous piece of horsehair during a concert at the club by Bert’s wife Patti as part of a gag, but left before the rug could be retrieved.
    The situation is desperate for the Channel 9 star, as Bert owns only three toupees.

    The missing rug is apparently worth a substantial four-figure sum.

    Club entertainment director Mark Kristian said the man with Moonface’s hairpiece probably hadn’t meant to take it.

    “Bert is freaking out. He says he didn’t know Patti was going to do it,” Kristian said
    “When Patti realised what had happened, she ran into the auditorium to try and find the man who had it, but she couldn’t see him.
    “He probably just thought it was a joke and kept it, but it’s actually worth a lot of money.”


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