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The strangely warm weather during the days lately has been followed by rather chilly nights, and it’s got me. I’ve come down with a cold. I’m going to spend today in bed nursing my fuzzy head.

This might be a good time for those of you who have a moment to tell stories about YOUR Petersham. What happened over the weekend?

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  1. Mick

    Oh dear! Look after yaself. No Doctor Allison for you should ya get worse. …although – let’s hope you don’t need it – but maybe she could do a housecall. How good would that be?!

  2. Mike Stone

    On my way to the corner store I came across a pile of junk tossed out on the street Ever on the scrounge for a freebee :) I came across A Macintosh Powerbook 160 funnily enough I also have the identical (and dust gathering) model at home so was able to fire it up. I works fine and has a Black and White screen but more interestingly the previous owner left all their info on it including thoughts, emails, letters .I even know that in 199 she was charging $75 an hour for here work.
    She’s actualy a famous choreograpaher and dancer who has worked around Australia, in China and is (according to a quick google) currently in the USA performing and/or choregraphing. I guess it’s quicker than a blog just throw out your computer with all your info on it and see what happens ..!

  3. Vanessa

    I came across another brown suitcase similar to the brown suitcase of mystery near your house. This one, rather than containing an empty wine bottle and some pieces of trash, contained nothing. I thought how with brown suitcases dumped in alleyways the worst scenario: human remains and the best scenario: cash. Once, on what now is the street I live on, I found a suitcase full of letters. So I was interested in the digital equivalent, above! I hope you aren’t feeling too snuffley.

  4. shortleftleg Post author

    mike: very resourceful! i trust that the personal details of the former mac owner are safe with you. and I bet current macs don’t have such a lifespan…

    vanessa: the brown suitcases of petersham. there’s no shortage. where do they come from? i think this calls for a photographic expedition (possibly also incorporating my hard-hitting hard-rubbish expose)

  5. worthless half-brother

    That reminds me of the Ye Olde bown suitcase that we had since we were little. With the old “Feed the Man Meat” sticker on the top.


  6. Mick

    Lucas, i’ve just found out about an affliction called the “blog life crisis” and “Blog Depression”. I really hope this is not what you are suffering from.

    It’s fully described and illustrated here:

    They say: “There is a growing epidemic in the cyberworld. a scourge which causes more suffering with each passing day. As blogging has exploded and, under the stewardship of the veterans, the form has matured more and more bloggers are finding themselves disillusioned, dissatisfied, taking long breaks, and in many cases simply closing up shop. This debilitating scourge ebbs and flows but there is hardly a blogger among us who has not felt it’s dark touch. We’re speaking, of course, about blog depression.”

    Hope this helps my friend!


  7. iwantphuong

    Wow. Sounds like everyone’s been getting sick! (Or catching it off other people.)

    Mum recommends Tiger Balm.
    Doctor recommends Pholcodine Linctus and/or Panadol.
    Friend recommends garlic, chilli, lemon, ginger.

  8. shortleftleg Post author

    thanks everyone for your concern about my health!
    i spent monday under a blanket… feeling a little better today.

    mick, there’s certainly something in that blog life crisis thing…i’ve definitely backed off a bit from my compulsion to “record everything” – letting it flow a little more now with the rhythms of my body, my attention span, my gregariousness, trying to avert carpal tunnel…after all, “man is not a machine”!

  9. Vanessa

    Sometimes it is good to say obvious things: autumn leaves can be very beautiful. And even more simply: leaves can be very beautiful. One time I spent a long while at Officeworks colour photocopying autumn leaves I had collected that day. I was very absorbed by my project and the pleasing results. (Thinking of papering a room with them.) I turned to see a frustrated line of people waiting to copy their CV’s and plans for house extensions. I thought about the many different ways of being in the world as I collected my leaves and photocopies and let them go for it.

  10. Tully

    Today I walked down to Sweet Belem. It was closed.
    So I walked down to Honeymoons. It was open. I bought coffee.
    I walked home. I tripped. The coffee exploded over my pants. I was sad.

  11. Alison

    Hello Lucas. Loving yer blog.
    I too am an artist (but a commercial one mostly). I too am sick with mutant phlegm. I believe it may be some sort of voodoo curse.
    I too live in Pea&Ham.
    Where did you get that pretty red leaf? It’s the same as the ones that grow on the tree in my yard, corner Searl St and The Avenue.
    I saw the lovely pic of your beaming melon in The Glebe. Some of my house is in the background, on the far left.
    So you’ve been hanging round my house.
    Pinching my autumn leaves.
    Possibly spreading ‘flu while doing so.
    I may perish from consumption as a result of your residency.
    But I will die happy, and forgive you, if you do this one thing for me:
    Where, o where did you get your mad blue ‘n’ white Petersham skivvy????
    Please tell. Need one. Now. Get well soon.
    Regards, A Proud ‘Hamster.

  12. shortleftleg Post author

    yeah alison, it came from more or less opposite the bowlo on brighton. what kind of leaf is it? i’m all better now. nothing a day in bed with a hot waterbottle and a bowl of soup wont fix.
    Get your Petersham custom T shirt here.
    Perhaps I’ll meet you on Searl. You don’t have a nice cat that hangs out on your front corner, do you?

  13. Alison

    Yes…yes I do! If you mean the chatty, chubby black and white one with the red collar- her name is Craig. She has a large public following. There is also a suss-looking black one called Maclad- extra points if you manage to pat him.
    Craig will be thrilled when she realises you know her name now, and will come if you call her, the gullible sap. Mind you, now the ‘leckie blankie’s on, outdoor appearances may be less frequent.
    I don’t know what sort of tree it is. It looks like something out of a storybook. I love it. It was lucky to be left alive by my Italian landlord gardeners. If we all pretend it’s not about to make the wall fall on to the footpath, it may survive a few years more.
    I’ll be sorry when your residency is over- the results of your self-imposed imprisonment are the coolest thing ever.


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