front porch

Mick and I are sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee in the sun. A man with long brown hair passes by. We say hello. He stops momentarily and hovers at the letterboxes.

“Hey, are you the guys who live around the back?”
“Yeah, around the back of this place, that’s right.”
“You didn’t leave a DVD player out on Chester Street on that old suitcase, did you?”
“Nah, that wasn’t us.”
“Oh. Never mind then.”
“Why, what happened?”
“Oh, I was just going to ask, if it was you that left it out…I was going to ask if you had the remote.”

1 thought on “front porch

  1. Mick

    My Dad texted me today and with his usual absence of flourish the text read, ‘What did u do with the remote for the DVD’. I thought that after my recent visit to the family home in Perth i was being accused of misplacing his remote, so i sez, ‘What remote for what DVD player? I didn’t watch anything when i was in Perth! X’
    The reply was, ‘Just reading lucas thing on internet about DVD and remote’


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