the choice is ezy

video ezy petersham map
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It is with great pleasure that I announce: “Video Ezy Stanmore” is actually in Petersham. What a relief! This means two things. First, that my transgression of last week was not in fact a transgression at all. And second, that I am free to patronise the video store. Phew. I was getting towards the idea of requesting the Geographical Names Board for a shift in the boundary.

The reason for this glitch has now become clear: Video Ezy have made a mistake on their website. While on this map, the store is shown to be at the corner of Stanmore Road and Nichols Parade, in reality, the store is really at the corner of Marshall Street.

My theory is that the store was once actually situated in the location that’s indicated on the website. At that point, it really was in Stanmore. When the opportunity arose to move to the more salubrious ‘sham location, they jumped at it. But for simplicity’s sake, they kept the same name. Problem solved.

[thanks to Bec for help in clearing up this one].

2 thoughts on “the choice is ezy

  1. Tully

    So, in keeping with the rules of this project, and were the video store to actually be in Stanmore, would you be able to walk down to the store and hire videos so long as you kept your eyes closed? How about if you wanted chocolate or office supplies?

    The metaphysical implications are doing my head in..

  2. shortleftleg Post author

    no tully, i think i’ve used up my “get out of sham free” card on the blindfold thing. that trick will get old if used too often. regarding office supplies, i think jane is coming to visit on friday. i will stand on the border while she goes into officeworks to get me a new cartridge for my inkjet printer. if i want chocolate, i will call YOU for assistance.


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